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Attorney Sean F. Hampton
Attorney Sean F. Hampton

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If you can no longer work due to a disability, your future can seem uncertain and scary. There is a safety net in the form of Social Security Disability Insurance, but that can be difficult to navigate as well. Statistics show that only about 30% of SSDI applications are approved the first time they are filed. You need a guide who knows the system and can help you through the process.

My name is Sean Hampton, an attorney with more than a decade of legal experience and an in-depth knowledge of SSDI. In addition to my work as an attorney, I am a former adjunct professor for Social Security Disability courses. I can help you present the strongest possible argument for why you deserve disability benefits, and can help you avoid the pitfalls that commonly lead to rejected applications.

Attorney Sean F. Hampton

Skilled Criminal Defense Advocacy

My legal practice also helps those facing challenges in the criminal justice system. If you have been charged with drunk driving, a drug offense or other crimes, I can help you fight those charges or otherwise resolve them in the most favorable manner available. My goal is to protect your rights and freedoms and help you get back to living life normally again.

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