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Helping Gulf Coast Residents Understand Supplemental Security Income

For those who have never or rarely worked and who are also significantly affected by disability, the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers Supplemental Security Income. If the SSA deems you eligible, Supplemental Security Income could help loosen the grip of financial distress and provide Medicaid health insurance. Children with disabilities are also eligible for Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.

At my firm, Sean F. Hampton, Attorney at Law, I work to help those in need find financial options and protect their futures. With more than a decade of experience in Social Security claims, I can help you apply for Supplemental Security Income and help increase the chances of a successful claim. If your claim is denied, I can assist you with appealing the SSA’s decision.

How Do You Know If You Are Eligible?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is offered to disabled adults and children with limited financial resources.

To receive SSI, your income must be below the amount designated by your state. Income requirements vary but typically rely on the federal benefit rate as a base. The federal benefit rate in 2020 is set at $783 per month for individuals and $1,175 per month for couples.

However, when considering income, the SSA does make some exclusions, such as SNAP benefits, some scholarships and income used for workplace disability accommodations.

The SSA also considers assets such as real estate or stocks when determining eligibility. For individuals, the asset cap is $2,000, and for couples, the asset cap is set at $3,000. Assets do not include life insurance policies or your home.

To determine whether you are eligible for SSI or not, contact an experienced Social Security attorney.

How Can An Attorney Help?

My experience handling matters of Social Security has helped me catalog common mistakes made during the application process. I have also served as an adjunct professor teaching Social Security Law at the University of South Alabama, which makes me uniquely qualified to provide insights and information about the Social Security system. I can help you avoid common mistakes during the preparation and filing of your SSI claims.

I work with clients across the Gulf Coast, from my office here in Mobile down to Pensacola, Florida. I am well-versed in the Social Security regulations set forth by each state and can help you better understand how asset or income restrictions will affect your case. Using an extensive network of valuators, I can even help you determine whether you meet those restrictions or not.

In the case of an unsuccessful or denied claim, I can guide you through the appeals process. You have a right to representation during an SSI appeal. I have helped many clients across the Gulf Coast appeal claims to get them the income they need to survive.

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